Turnstile created the winning slogan, jingle and branding campaign: “Where Real People Really Win” for River Rock Casino in Northern California. This campaign was featured in outdoor, transit boards, television, radio and print. It showcased real players and created the perfect platform to feature the many multi-cultural high-end players of this 1300 slot casino.

For Sunray Park and Casino in New Mexico, Turnstile updated the look and feel of their brand and launched a 19-outdoor billboard campaign that cleverly branded Sunray right into the hearts of this Four Corners community and staved off the encroaching competition. The campaign continues to help Sunray maintain their lead in the marketplace.

Twin Pine Casino & Hotel is a hidden jewel in the east corner of Napa Valley. Geographically challenged and featuring a state of the art casino and luxurious AAA rated hotel, Turnstile re-created their slogan to play on their best and most unique assets: “The Only Place to Play and Stay in Wine Country”. The media budget was re-planned to appeal to the San Francisco Wine Country Weekenders, and the Bay Area gaming community is discovering Twin Pine Casino! The Campaign launched in March of 2012. Twin Pine is currently enjoying their best 4 months in a row in the history of this jewel of a casino.



Our creative team is Las Vegas based and understands the ins and outs of casino advertising. We know that it is a ‘hurry up and wait world’ and we roll with the punches, I mean, changes. We know and love the fast paced world you live in and are here to support you. The Turnstile team is known for their responsiveness and timeliness. We love order and come equipped and experienced with our own tools to keep creative development and production schedules on time and trafficking running smoothly. We are experts in the field of casino advertising. We have created literally hundreds of concepts for every casino promotion imaginable and numerous sporting and entertainment events including horseracing! Check out OUR WORK!



At Turnstile, we understand that you Player Database & Analytics Program is the lynchpin to your marketing success. We create direct marketing pieces for our clients, assuring that they maintain their brand integrity. We have also helped our clients by connecting them to our trusted resources for database analytics and programming and assisting in the launch of many successful campaigns.



In the last five years alone, Turnstile has placed over $20 Million in on- and off– line media. Finding multiple paths to your casino brand is our approach to media planning and placement. And, we typically negotiate over 30% in added value effectively adding more to your media spend. At Turnstile we are constantly discovering new ways to connect brands with casino customers, wherever they may be. From traditional media (TV, print, radio, outdoor, direct mail) to digital (search, mobile, display, social media), we engage with players on their terms. When it comes to placing your casino media, we know how to make your media marketplace true casino marketing partners.



At Turnstile, full service means that we ensure that your website and online presence is fully optimized so that casino customers – new, regulars and old – can find you. From your website copy content and title pages, FaceBook page, and your over all look and feel, we make sure you are current with the times and your players. Pay-per-click, SEO, and PURLs? We have a pulse on emerging digital channels. Integrating mobile, search, social media, and behavioral targeting can be extremely effective to reach new customers and remarket to those most interested in what you have to offer, all at a level of efficiency that is constantly being optimized. The age of traditional branding, “telling and selling,” is over. Advertising in the Social Media Age is about connecting and peer-to-peer communication. When customers engage and connect with your brand they want to share with others. At Turnstile, we strive to convert fans into advocates for your brand.



Since the world isn’t black and white, neither is our thinking. We possess a unique understanding of the ethnic casino player, across multiple cultures and dialects within the Hispanic and Asian community and marketplace. Our creative comes from the native heart and mind – literally. Ethnic media planning involves careful and ongoing monitoring of print and radio values. Our online marketing plans include in-language keywords and smart SEO tactics. Our touchdown to the community is always unique with out of the box, standout branding strategies. In the casino category, we have over 6 years of experience researching, planning and negotiating the best rates to reach Asian gamers and Hispanic markets across print, television, radio and magazines. In addition, we have developed and executed public relations strategies including advertorials, grass roots marketing, integrated media tactics and community events. Our multicultural marketing experience spans 15 years across many verticals: retail, financing, entertainment and groceries. Past clients include PG&E, Nevada Cancer Institute, Safeway, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey, Chavez, Supermarkets, Longs Drugs, Encanto Fine Jewelry and Lasik Plus, just to name a few.